We create integrated communication strategies that can target many different types of media. We espouse no dogma, trends and hype in our work.

Corporate and innovation




Communication and marketing strategy, media relations, investor relations, social media management, project design, brand reputation, content creation, crisis management, corporate social responsibility, partnership and co-marketing, online and offline media planning.

Media Relations

“Traditional” media relations: writing and sharing of press releases, journalists PR, interviews and press conferences organization, and media briefings. “Creative” media relations: observatories, editorials, galleries, media pitches, and events / special projects. Press coverage analysis and reporting.

Digital PR e social media menagement

Social media strategy and planning, social media management, social media advertising, online conversation listening, performance tracking, reporting.

SEO Copy

Artificial intelligence, smart logistics, alternative lending, sustainability, foodtech and more.
We know and can write with ownership about articulate and complex topics. We know how to do this to attract press interest in business and companies.
Just as carefully and effectively we do it for SEO texts and corporate blogs, helping our clients’ sites get the best search engine rankings.
We are passionate about writing and like to stay current and experiment with new ways and strategies. Among our services: keywords analysis, strategy and editorial plan creation, Google-optimized content creation.


Concept design and development, event organization and production, logistics and organization coordination, follow-up, international projects, arts & business projects.

Our method

Il nostro metodo


Our consolidated team of mainly senior professionals boasts 25+ years of combined experience. We take a balanced, comprehensive approach to each project.

Integration and eclecticism

We employ an integrated approach to communication, which allows us to be both eclectic and highly specialized in various fields. This helps us create cross-pollinating projects.

Commitment and clarity

We never give up until our customers and us are fully satisfied. We can make this promise because we never promise what we cannot achieve.

Flexibility and efficiency

We have designed a fluid organizational structure that allows us to create dedicated and flexible teams that follow each customer’s development, modifying and activating skills and tools according to the customer’s needs.

International approach

Training, experience, a broad network of partnerships and contacts: together these assets ensure that we can deliver the solutions our clients need. Whether its pitching Italian business-finance stories to leading international media, reaching the international trade press or coordinating work teams with international press offices: we can get you the visibility you require. Furthermore, thanks to our senior team members’ individual specializations, we are particularly strong in innovation, fintech arts, design and lifestyle.

Ethics and fair play

We like to work with people we value on projects we believe in. We choose to work with colleagues, collaborators and customers who are on the same wavelength as us.


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